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Sims 3 – Disappearing Sim

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After saving my game, installing some new content, and loading I noticed the thumbnail for my child Sim wasn’t selectable. I read up on resetting Sims so I did that for the butler and saved and went back in. The child Sim completely disappeared. I freaked out and tried finding a solution but found none. She appeared in the family tree but wasn’t visible in game or as a thumbnail icon. I had a last-ditch idea to save her…

I took the family to China. They all loaded up in China and are all selectable.

However, when I got back home the child Sim was gone again. The only thing I was able to do was export just the family (eviction locked up the game). I deleted all saved games, loaded up a new map, and put the family back. That’s the only thing that worked.


Aibrean Eyes

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Aibrean’s Eye Set (based off the eye on my design site, a realistic eye painting done in photoshop by me.)

This was made in Body Shop

Colors: Stone, Aqua, Amber, Green, Brown

Image shown is in-game use of Aqua.

Download Aibrean Eyes


Realistic Eyes Set 1

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This is a realistic eye image done in Photoshop with touch-ups and manipulation from a real eye.

Colors: Witch Hazel, Water, Harvest, Turqouise, Grape, Stone, Green

In Game Screen is Witch Hazel

Download Realistic Eyes Set 1

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