Elmhurst Manor

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Modern Muse

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Windheld Manor

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This beautiful manor home features an elegant hedge maze garden, 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms.

$127,027 Furnished

$84,321 Unfurnished


Majestic Ming Cottage

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This beautifully themed cottage has 2 beds and 2 baths and is perfect for your Asian Sims to feel right at home. There is a large garage for your vehicles and a cozy hot tub beside it. Also enjoy the enclosed garden with seating.

Lot Value

Furnished: $128,962
Unfurnished: $65,924



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This traditional home boasts modern flair with exposed rafters and deluxe furnishings.

Additional Custom Content
My own paintings (American Muscle, Roses, and Pelican in Still Life) available here.



Swiss Avenue

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Download Swiss Avenue

This Colonial style home based off attached image is a two story with a functional attic (left empty). There are 5 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms with a top level spa area in a Turkish Bath style. There is also a lower level covered patio.

Custom Content Included
– Plant by 4ESF
– Concrete Tile by [url=http://www.simplan-x.com/]SimPlan

– Antique Floor by Jadeddream29@yahoo.com
-Tubular Fence by cyclonesue at The Sims Resource

Content NOT included
– Lafenetre Windows and Sidelight Window by Windkeeper

Lot Cost – $280,829



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Download Isus

This ultra modern “from scratch” 3-level home is built on a small 3×2 lot, but has plenty of features that make it seem much larger.

Lot Cost – $177,130



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Download Peekaboo

This modern 3 story “from scratch” may look small on the outside, but it features everything a Sim could want.

NO custom content (shown with the invisible driveway, not included but available here at MTS2)

Lot Cost – $140,156


Hogar de Flores

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Download Hogar de Flores

This Spanish style home is based off the one seen below in Dallas, TX. This home has plenty of room to add (I kept a pretty open floor plan) and has a pool and hot tub in the back. There is also a nursery.

Custom Content Included
– Bienchenbaum (small tree) by Bienchen83
– Pale Sirpa by kivilaatta (I can’t find the link to this, any help would be appreciated)

Custom Content NOT Included
– Loft Windows – Atrium 2 -http://www.reflexsims.de/ get it in Downloads>Specials > Page 2)
– Lafenetre Tall Window by Windkeeper



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Download Kensington

This modernhouse features three upstairs bedrooms, a top floor game room and bathroom, and many other ameneties.

This does look a lot like the house by djsclaus because we looked at the same reference, but this has 3 working levels, a different floorplan, and slightly different design.

Lot Cost – $138,131

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